Aurora Medical are able to offer design support for projects of any size. We are able to respond quickly to customer demands and strive to deliver on time and within budget.

With experience in managing project of any size Aurora are your one-stop shop for all your design requirements, from 2D line drawings to 3D solid models and assemblies.

We are able to  generate model and drawing files to customer specifications as well as work with either your native SolidWorks files or parasolid / igs files. (Currently using SW 2014)  

Specialising in the design and development on orthopaedic implants and instruments, Aurora have the experience and technical know how to get well engineered, innovative product solutions to the market place in relatively short time frames.

Rapid Prototyping

Aurora Medical are also able to offer an in-house rapid prototyping facility to aid your design evaluation process. From full size, functional prototypes for form and  fit evaluation to scale models for trade shows and evaluation purposes.

Research and Development

IMG_20AAAurora Medical can provide technical and project management support at every stage of your project, from conception and planning through to verification and validation, including transfer to production activities.

Aurora Medical output documentation is designed to fit within the rigorous quality requirements of medical device technical files.

We can also provide support to wider research and development activities. We have extensive expertise in the development of test methodologies where current standards do not mitigate risks adequately, from brief to drawing for manufacture.


IMG_20ABIn house test capabilities includes…

  • Servo-hydraulic test machine.
  • Strain gauge application and monitoring.
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA).



Finite Element Analysis

Hipppa2Aurora are able to offer computational FEA for even the most complex set ups and geometry’s.

We are able to import SolidWorks Cad data directly into our in house FEA giving the ability to run a number of design scenarios in a single model. We also have very strong links into academia and are able to build complex computational models to suit most requirements.