IonPlastOr Project Details

interreg-bloc-marque-horizontal-1000The IonPlastOr project combines an ion implantation technique, unique and proprietary to Quertech and Aurora Medical’s expertise and innovation to develop advanced  surfaces  with reduced wear properties compared to state of the art instruments and implants.


Carte-Map programme

This project brings together the expert knowledge of companies on either side of the English Channel to deliver an innovative surface treatment for surgical devices..

The objectives of the project are not restricted to the delivery of an innovative surface treatment for surgical devices. Other objectives include the strengthening of Anglo-French industrial and academic links across the Channel and the publication of an  academic paper.



Quertech’s propriety technique for Ion implantation, ion beam Hardion +, is a surface treatment applied to metals, polymers and elastomers whict improves, among other things, hardness, friction coefficient and resistance to corrosion.

Ion’s from the chosen gas (Nitrogen, Carbon, Oxygen or Helium), give the target material, a crosslinking, a texturing or a re-alloyed surface (nitriding, carburizing, carburizing-nitro). The equipment developed by Quertech is extremely compact and has a very low energy consumption.