“Implant for Amputees – A novel treatment to improve rehabilitation and mobility for limb amputees (ImpAmp).” A eurostars™ Project


The goal of this project is to develop two medical devices which aid rehabilitation in below-knee amputation: a bone capping implant and a corresponding prosthetic socket. These will improve load transfer between the prosthetic leg and the skeleton, reducing high pressure and pain in the soft tissues. This project will deliver a size range of prototype implants, surgical instruments for bone preparation and implantation, and documentation to support exploitation through regulatory approval, surgical use and commercialisation. Through the assembly of our consortium, our unique approach is to combine experience from the orthopaedic field (Aurora Medical Ltd, Fraunhofer IPA) which will be utilised for the design of the implant part, to the prosthetics design skills available at the Fraunhofer IPA and Herbert Ganter GmbH for the design of the socket and interactions between components. Advanced materials and processing methods will be used for the construction of the implant and socket. The design of those will involve advanced pre-clinical test methodologies (analytical and experimental) drawn from the orthopaedic implant design field.

Project Partners



Hunt Developments Ltd