Aurora Medical has a proven track record in collaboration with industrial and academic partners and for winning domestic and European project funding.

 Current Projects

 IonPlastOr (INTERREG)

The objective of the IONPLASTOR project is to use the innovative Hardion+ technique developed by the French company Quartech (technique with the objective of increasing the quality of a material) for an application in the orthopaedic field. This application will be created jointly with the English company Aurora Medical (specialised in the development of innovative products for the benefit of patients).

D2Eye (FP7)

The project is built around the concept of a viable, cost-effective and accurate alternative to present robotic and navigation orthopaedic surgery systems.


Past Projects

EnDurE (FP7)

During the course of this project we intend to overcome these problems by developing a ceramic on polymer resurfacing hip. Like that of the MOM prosthesis this will only cover the femoral head and allow for the natural remodelling of the bone tissues, but will not have any of the negative effect associated with Co or Cr ions.